Classic Sliding Doors in Modbury

classic sliding door

Classic  - Residential Sliding Doors

The Classic Sliding Door is has come to the residential market from a system designed for use in high-rise apartment buildings.

The commercial background brings a modern designer look with the benefit of additional performance features, many of which are unavailable in similar sliding door products:

  • Rather than the usual exposed tracks found in many residential sliding doors, we have a complete range of threshold and jamb in-fills as well as end caps to conceal all cavities. This provides a superior quality, commercial grade finish and also minimises access for insects, dirt and grit.
  • The concealed internal weather flap reduces air and water infiltration and minimises insect access through the drain holes.
  • A choice of sill configurations to accommodate every weather performance requirement, including a wheelchair accessible sill.
  • A range of attractive interlock options to meet a wide variety of wind load requirements up to the most demanding cyclonic conditions.
Fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1191 and AS3959.
  • Maximum Sash Height: 2400mm
  • Maximum Sash Width: 1200mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness:4-12mm & 18mm
  • Maximum Sash Weight: 160kg
  • Frame width available in 92mm


  • Region D Residential Construction for Cyclonic Compliance – Structural / Water & Impact Rated Glass
  • Double Glazing without adaptors for a premium option
  • Cyclonic Compliance – Structural / Water & Impact Rated Glass
  • Low-Rise Multi-Unit Developments


  • A range of sill options available for increased structural, water performance and design flexibility.
  • A range of internal interlocks complete with end caps for varying wind load requirements.
  • Integral screening options for security or insect protection.
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