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The glass used in your windows and doors has the most influence over the efficiency of these building components, accounting for up to 90% of thermal performance. The right selection of frames and glass makes a significant contribution to the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

There are many ways to make a home more comfortable. Air-conditioning, heating and fans can help, but increase energy consumption, cost and greenhouse emissions. The ideal solution manages light and solar heat gain to control indoor temperature with intelligent design and high performance frames and glass.

Grandview Windows sources its glass from two of Australia’s leading glass supplies – Adelaide Independent Glass and Chevron Glass. Each supplier has it’s specific product strengths and this enables Grandview Windows to select the best glass for your project from the best selection available in Australia.

adelaide independent glass

Adelaide Independent Glass

Adelaide Independent Glass specialises in a broad range of high quality customised glass products and glazing services for both commercial and residential clients.

Products include frameless shower screens, glass walls, painted splash-backs, safety and energy efficient glass, high quality mirrors, Insulated Glass Units (double glazing), balustrades and frameless pool fences.

Manufacturing processes include auto table cutting of both float and laminated glass, cutting and shapes on a water jet machine, and a full range of edge-working, including flat edge polishing, mitres, bevels and CNC machining.

chevron glass

Chevron Glass

Chevron Glass is a local supplier and processor of flat glass. This includes the merchandising of bulk glass in original sheets, as well as products cut to size from many glass types.

Chevron supplies glass as value added products such as toughened glass, insulated glass units (for double glazed windows/doors), and custom laminated glass for special applications including security and custom decorative projects.

Chevron’s processing facilities are equipped with modern, multi-purpose glass processing machinery enabling glass to be cut, machined, bevelled and polished.

Chevron’s  project-based approach to glass processes and supply provide as many options as you can imagine.

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